At MTG Accounting, the detail management of your finances is our top priority. That's why we provide our clients a personalized service to meet their business or individual needs.
Our services included:
As bookkeepers with years of experience, we will oversee your business’ accounting processes. That process begin with an extensive analysis of your company financial operations. First, we will make sure your QuickBooks file is properly set up for your business. Next, we will collect all the information needed to reconcile your business’ bank and credit card accounts. Finally, we will provide you the financial reports so you can a clear picture of your company’s finances.
This is a business service
and what we do is
manage your:
  • Accounts receivable/accounts payable
  • General ledgers
  • Financial statements
  • Payroll
Here at MGT Accounting,
we take care of your entire payroll.

Payroll processing can be very time consuming and difficult. Let us manage your business’ employees and contractors' accounts. We will provide a reliable, cost-effective solutions to your company’s payroll needs.

Tax Preparation
Through our Tax preparation we guide our clients on a full range of tax planning strategies that minimize their tax liabilities, maximize the cash flow and keep them on track of their financial goal. We provide this service to both individuals and small businesses.
Our services comprise of:
  • Research and analysis of Form 1040
  • Preparation of state and local tax returns
  • Projected federal and state tax expenses
We set up federal, state, and local returns:
  • Essential disclosures
  • Help estimate federal and state tax returns
  • Guarantee loyalty to all agreement requirements.